Finally! Unique and Personalized Wedding Gifts That Make A Real Impression!
“Don’t Send A ‘Typical’ Wedding Gift.
Make It Personal. Make It Fun.
Make It Memorable!”
Get ready to send the amazing wedding gift that will make a lifetime of
memories and stand out from all the other wedding gifts that never last!

When You Want To Give Unique Wedding Gift…
Finding that right gift for someone who’s getting married can be a bit tricky. Sure, you can give the typical gifts that many do by simply looking over their wedding registry and picking out a few items.

These kinds of items can range from a basic toaster to a plate set. Over time, these gifts usually don’t last and become part of everyday life. In fact, many simply forget they even received these types of gifts for their own wedding.
personalized wedding gifts

Why just settle with giving the “usual” wedding gift that never lasts?
Now you can actually give a unique and 100% personalized wedding gift that will not only be a total surprise, but it’ll be something that will be nearly impossible to forget! Even in 5 or 20 years down the road, when they see your unique gift for their wedding, they will INSTANTLY know whom it came from and what it represents!

That’s where our highly personalized 3D figurines come into play!
No matter who you are giving your gift to, you can make it totally personalized and customized to reflect that person by not only his or her own unique looks, but personality and interests as well.

Take a look at these samples to show you the range of variety you can create…

Remember, all of our products are 100% HAND-MADE and customized to
accurately reflect the exact person you are giving the gift to!
That’s right. You can customize any 3D figurine with any type of unique theme. Go ahead and unleash your imagination and let us handcraft the most memorable wedding gift that will reflect the bride or groom's own career, hobby, personality, interests, humor, etc. Your own innovation is welcome and appreciated as well!

How Our Process Works To Make Your Amazing Gift...
Are you curious how we go about taking your images and ideas and turn them into an amazing wedding gift they will never forget? Below we’ve put together a basic illustration of how we work to give you an idea of how are products are hand-crafted…

  • Step One:
    We receive your photos.
  • Step Two:
    We design sketches to win your approval.
  • Step Three:
    We turn the sketches into amazing figurines!

Sketch Design and 6 Steps Proof Service
Our STRICT SERVICE PROCESS ensures 100% Matching so you don’t end
up with figurines that don’t even look the person who is receiving it!

  • Step One:
    First sketch proofs reviewed.
  • Step Two:
    Final sketch proofs reviewed.
  • Step Three:
    Main clay color proofs reviewed.
  • Step Four:
    Proof of faces reviewed.
  • Step Five:
    Proof of bodies reviewed.
  • Step Six:
    Final proof reviewed.

We also offer a Unique 2D Sketch Designing Service that works amazingly well. Our competitors have no design service like this, and that’s why our results are the best in the industry. We also offer UNLIMITED Adjustments of your gift until you approve it for final creation.

All of our figurines are MORE detailed and MORE personalized than
any other figurines on the market!
That is...
UNLIMITED adjustment requests until you approve!
MORE FINE DETAILS and customization vs. all competitors!
ARRIVAL GUARANTEE so your get your personalized wedding gifts on time! (Read more)

Brides, You Can Still Keep Your Dress a Secret!
Just a side note for you brides who don’t want your groom to see your wedding dress until your wedding day. We can send out two version sketches to the bride only. The first one is normal and can be easily proofed by the bride. The second version will have the dress blurred out and can be proofed by the groom. That’s it!

  • Normal Sketch Proofed by Bride
  • Blurred Out Sketch Proofed by Groom

Doubt? Yea, obviously don't just take our words, listen to what our clients have to say...
You worked with us until it was what we wanted!
I was extremely happy and satisfied with my figurine. Everyone at the wedding continues to comment on it. They thought the likeness to us was great. The fact that we had the lapel patch with our ski club logo on the Grooms tuxedo was awesome. Thanks fun deliver for a superb product and such great attention to detail. We were pleasantly surprised that the flowers were so vibrant and really matched the actual flowers, dress and tuxedo. I was very pleased with the service provided by your company. I highly recommend everyone to purchase from you.
Thanks again for a great wedding topper.
Gerard & Darlene

Our figurine became the Highlight of the whole event!
I used the figurine as a cake topper for my husband's 50th birthday and believe it or not, the cake became the highlight of the whole event. The figurine you made for my husband exceeded our expectations..It was perfect! All of our guests were amazed with your work. we now have it displayed in our curio cabinet. I attached some pictures here for you to see, you may use them as your future reference.
Again thank you and I hope for your great success in your work.
Rebecca & John

Everyone LOVES our cake topper!
As far as my experience with, it was such a positive one. The pictures on the website help so much. I probably spent three hours on your site before I ordered my topper. You kept in touch with me on almost a daily basis. That really helped. The pictures of the progress were well-timed. It helped to have pictures at each step so I could ok things like the colors of the clay. I also appreciated the way you'd respond to the changes I wanted to make to the faces, the shape of the ears, etc. and then send more pictures to make sure the changes were fine. Your emails were always positive and reassuring - wording was comforting. I was always excited to see an email come in from you.
The ordering process and confirmation process were easy. The FAQ document and sample pictures were helpful.
Thanks so much, again, for this wonderful sculpture. Everyone who has seen pictures LOVES this item and I hope you get some referral business from us.

Very truly yours,
Marta & Nick

Still On The Fence? Try our FREE 2D Sketch Design Service!
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“Are YOU Ready To Give The Most Amazing and Personalized
Wedding Gift That Will Simply Shock and Amaze?”
We’re ready to get started working on your customized 3D figurine wedding gift right now, but before we can get the process started, first we need some critical information from you!
By providing us with quality photos below, we can create the best products possible for you!
Here’s how to get started right now!
Read our Photo Guidelines and prepare your reference images.
Read about our Service Process and Quick Start.
Not feeling creative or inspired? No worries. We have posted our product below in order to help kickstart some inspiration and ideas for you!

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